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There are a few ways of Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets in solid, opaque color, Painted-like applications.


  1. Spraying with tinted Lacquer – Most Contractors use this application because is the fastest and easiest for them. With 1-2 coats of solvent based and tinted Lacquer, Cabinets can be Refinished in 2-3 days. Initially, they look good but finish is not durable and doe not last. In a short time, in areas exposed to aggressive elements in Kitchens, like moisture, fumes from cooking, oil from human sweat and moisture, they start deteriorating and showing blisters, finish peels off, wears from cleaning, and disintegrates from aggressive elements and everyday use. Lacquer finishes are impossible to touch up with roller or brush and any repairs have to be done by spraying the entire door or drawer front, after first stripping off existing finish first. Repair has to be done by a professional cabinet refinisher and is costly. This is a bad choice for Refinishing kitchen cabinets.


 2. Spraying with tinted Polyurethane or Conversion Varnish – this application is               better than Lacquer one but has also disadvantage because of being difficult to do       repairs and touch up without spraying the elements of Cabinetry. In heavy use           areas of the Kitchen, finish tends to wear and disintegrate after a while which             makes any repair costly since homeowner needs to hire a professional finisher.


 3. The best way of Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets is to employ a traditional method           but use high quality finishing products. After thorough preparation involving               cleaning with TSP, sanding, patching and caulking where necessary, 2 coats of oil-       based or shellac-based Primer should be applied to prevent existing color from           bleeding through. Then minimum 2 coats of Urethane fortified Alkyd Enamel               should be applied for a smooth, washable, durable and lasting finish. Sanding             between coats guaranties good adhesion and smooth finish. This is the best way         of Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets and that’s the way we do it at Dream Cabinets by       Stan. Process takes a few days longer but finish surpasses both of above.


 4. Please notice that 1 coat of lacquer has 1 mil of thickness, 1 coat of Polyurethane,       Conversion Varnish, Primer and Enamel has 1.5 mil, so all finishes done by                 Dream Cabinets by Stan have min 6 mil thickness, compare with others.


  5. For Stained Finished Wood Cabinets, most Contractors use the same application          as for Painted ones, the only difference is that Lacquer is tinted with colorants,            and only 1 coat of lacquer is applied so the thickness of the finish is only 1 mil. In        this case, aggressive Kitchen environment has a very negative impact on Cabinet        Finish in a very short time.


  6. At Dream Cabinets by Stan, for Stained Finishes, we employ a traditional way of

      doing it but use high quality product available on today’s market. After thorough        preparation involving cleaning with TSP, sanding, blending damaged areas with          existing finish, we hand-apply 2 coats of oil-based and Urethane enriched Gel-            stain to get a desire color and depth, then we protect finish with 2 coats of acrylic        Polyurethane for a smooth, washable, durable and lasting finish. Sanding                    between coats is a part of application to ensure proper adhesion and smooth              finish.


          Referrals from many of our customers are a live proof that traditional                        methods combined with high quality modern materials and European                          craftsmanship surpass our competition on today’s market.


     CALL OR TEXT DREAM CABINETS by STAN at 760-310-7570 for a free estimate         for your Kitchen project and we guarantee to transform your worn and outdated         Kitchen into a new Modern, Traditional or Old World Beauty. And in addition, you

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My kitchen looks brand new thanks to the work Dream Cabinets By Stan did. The cabinets look absolutely gorgeous. I couldn't been more pleased! Can't wait having them come do my bathrooms next!


- Kathy T. San Diego

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